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One of my favorite things about the Fourth of July, are all the fireworks. This year we bought some of our own and set them off after our cookout. They’re so much fun!

There’s always at least one that manages to fall over..

When looking for fireworks to buy, we couldn’t pass up these two silly turtles. I was a little sad at first because they were too cute to get blown up, but luckily they ended up staying completely in tact after we lit their fuse ūüôā

They were on silly little wheels!

They zoomed down the sidewalk like little rockets!

And then set off a flare at the end.

Fireworks are exciting!

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July Fourth Party

This year Steven and I decided to have a July Fourth party at our house, since we have been fixing up our backyard. 

We grilled up some hotdogs on our cute little grill.

There’s my little veggie dog on top of all the big meaty dogs..

Me and my friend Alex!

Later that evening we took some mildly creepy sparkler night shots, we were all too hyped up on hot dogs to stand still apparently.
I like how my sister’s ¬†leg is just floating around, doing it’s own thing in this shot..

It was a fun time We definitely should invite people over more often, we’re not the most social people on the planet.. Haha.
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Cat Photos Friday #66- Fourth of July

The cats are all decked out and excited for the Holiday weekend!

(These expressions are the hilarious result of me making a high pitch noise in attempt to make them look at the camera!)
Cloud acts like a statue and lets me drape her in all kinds of party paraphernalia. 

Jeeves knows cats don’t belong on tables, so I always have the worst time getting him in the photos. Then I realized I could move the photo shoot elsewhere. Problem solved!¬†

It’s time to party!¬†

I hope everyone in the US has a good Fourth! And I hope everyone else has a great weekend!

See last year’s¬†July Fourth¬†photo shoot here!
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Cat Photos Friday #19- The Fourth of July

Since the Fourth of July happens to fall on a¬†cat photos friday, this year, I ¬†knew I had to do something special…..

So I took a trip to the dollar and picked out a bunch of props for an exciting cat photo shoot! They didn’t mind wearing their fancy necklaces and were rewarded with lot of treats!


Sometimes, Cloud shows true disdain for her brothers..
 Chester action shot plus a modeling Cloud.

Who would have thought Jeeves could look so beautiful?

Happy Independence day if you are in the US! And happy cat photos friday if you’re someplace else! ¬†

Don’t party too hard!