Cat Photos Friday #120 Litter Box Upgrade

The cat’s bedroom is getting a remodel, and with it, comes a litter box upgrade, Party!!

Their bedroom will now double as a laundry room, and possibly my future office, so I wasn’t looking forward to stepping on cat litter strewn across the floor every time I went in there. I choose this box because of the high sides and cover, and because it isn’t too bad looking. I found it on amazon and had it shipped.

I was worried the cats may not like it because they are used to an open box..

But so far they love it!  Good news all around!

Cat Photos Friday #119- Funky Jeeves

Just some awkward pictures of Jeeves to start your weekend with. Enjoy!

Cat Photos Friday #117 More Filter Fun

Trying out Snapchat filters on the cats is just too much fun. Sadly, the filters have yet to recognize Chester’s face, and Jeeves moves around too much. But Cloud is the perfect model, much to her embarrassment. 

Pigeon attack! 

Have a fun weekend!

Cat Photos Friday #116 Chester Shoe Lover

Chester loves shoes.

He is often found laying on top of a shoe pile, just hanging out.
He will lay on any shoe, no matter how uncomfortable they may look.

And he doesn’t mind if the shoes lay on him!

Cat Photos Friday #110- Filter Fun

The other day I had the bright idea to try out Snapchat filters on the cats.

 It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I think he looks like a video game character here!

I almost died laughing at this horrendous result!

My username is lostvestige if you’re interested in seeing more of the ridiculous things I post.

Try not to have any nightmares!

Cat Photos Friday #108- Chester’s Close-up

 I like taking extreme close-ups of the cats..

Chester’s face makes me laugh!

Happy Friday!

Cat Photos Friday #107- Awkward Cat Selfies

A few weeks ago I was attempting to take a photo of my face to upload onto a glasses website so I could decide on a new pair.

 But my cats had other plans and kept getting in the pictures. 
So I decided to force them into my pictures.
They hated it.

I told myself these pictures wouldn’t see the light of day.
But I found them too funny to keep hidden.

(Chester can be impossible to hold!)

Hope your weekend is less awkward than this!

Cat Photos Friday #92- New Spaces

One day Chester decided to find a new place to nap. He settled on one of the cubby holes on the bookshelf. One filled with books..

It wasn’t as comfy as it looked!

Cat Photos Friday #85- Cloud Toilet Paper

One of the first things Cloud did when she moved in was destroy our toilet paper roll.

Ever since then she has been obsessed with the stuff.
So the other day, she took it upon herself to crack into the brand new bag and help herself to the fresh rolls.
Then she decided, she’d rather be toilet paper!
Chester doesn’t understand her obsession.

Cat Photos Friday #71- Chester and the Evil Toe Nail Polish

The other day I painted my toe nails this pretty color, and Chester did NOT approve. He came and stared at my feet looking very annoyed.

Eventually he got tired, but he still wanted to keep an eye on my toes..

I think the nail polish was a little bit minty scented, which I liked, but I think that’s what freaked Chester out. I read somewhere once that cats hate the smell of mint. Poor guy!