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Cat Photos Friday #70- Photo Shoot Outtakes

These photos are from the cat’s July Fourth Photo shoot, they were too silly not to share!

I use treats to get their attention and they like to jump up and attack my hand for the treat. Which results in some silly photos!!

Cloud thought that particular lei made her look fat, and was not amused..

Look at his vampire fang!

This is how I know the photo shoot is over; They just walk away, in their silly little outfits.
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Cat Photos Friday #47- Dishwasher Explorer

Chester, our water cat, has been intrigued by our dishwasher. He can hear the water sloshing around inside it and wants to get the to the water so bad! So the other day when it was open, he ventured inside in search of the water.

Cloud and Jeeves were only mildly interested.

After a few sniffs Jeeves had enough, He does not like weird things.  Cloud wanted to explore a little bit more though.
No luck this time, but I’m sure he’ll be back to continue his water search again!

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Cat photos Friday #37- New Shoe Box

It’s a good day for the cats whenever one of us gets a new pair of shoes.

Cloud hates sharing. Especially with the boys.
Jeeves thought squeezing himself into a tiny box was a bit too absurd.

“Get out of there, ya look silly!”
Soon Cloud was ready to kick Chester out and have another turn in the shoe box.

But she went a little nuts!

Very embarrassing.