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Leave the past decade behind.


Leave all the bad things;

the job that barely paid you, where your boss was a psycho,

the job that caused constant body pain, that stayed with you for years afterward

that coworker that tried to ruin your life

that project that did ruin your life, and drove you into madness

the people lost

the one you never got to meet


the teacher who was actually insane

the days wasted


Leave all the good things too;

buying a house

adopting pets

traveling to amazing places

finally finding a good job

growing a garden


Leave them all, and make room for new things.


Find happiness where you are now;

realize that some dreams can’t happen, and stop trying to reach them,

bringing more sadness when they get farther and farther away.


Don’t spend years chasing a life that may not be even better than the one you have now, And now you have all those years wasted, not enjoying the life right in front of you.

Forget about trying to find a job in a different city

in new york city,


a city that will force you to work, just so you can barely live. All dreams of running your own little business will be gone.


Find ways to make the most of the life you have, instead of trying to find the kind of life that doesn’t exist.

Make Life a Party.

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New Job and Many Thoughts on Leaving My Old Job

I can hardly believe that it happened, but I have a new job.

Next month would have been my three year anniversary at my previous job. A job I once loved and was certain I would work at for the rest of my life. I was a microbiologist at a start up company, growing bacteria to be used in environmentally friendly products. It was a small company and it felt like a family; everyone got along and we always celebrated each others birthdays, and anniversaries and had the best Christmas parties.  I’m not exactly sure what happened, but sometime around this time last year things changed. I could probably write a thousand page book about all the ridiculous things that went on there. It just kept getting worse and all the crazy little things kept adding up until eventually no one could take it anymore, but nobody really wanted to leave. We all wanted everything to work out. I stuck around as long as I could, until I just couldn’t handle it anymore, yet I still feel weird about leaving. But I think it’s for the best..

Anyway, my new job.
 I actually now work at the same company as my husband! It’s a deffirent department than his, so we don’t really work together, but we run into each other a few times a day which is always funny. It’s a medical testing lab and I never in a million years thought I would work there, I always thought I would work in the research field. The job I applied for was literally my last resort; I had already applied for everything else and was feeling hopeless. Crazily enough I had an interview there at the end of the week! My job is to receive in all the samples that get sent in from hospitals, sort them, order the tests and prepare them for testing. Which is a huge change from my last job! For one, I am constantly busy. There is never a second of downtime, compared to my last job where it wasn’t rare to have hours with with nothing to do.  Also making the switch from a tiny company to an enormous one is pretty different. On the good side they have everything figured out, and on the bad side there isn’t any freedom or flexibility like there was at the last job. Also going from having about 10 or 12 coworkers to having 100s, is pretty weird.

My new hours will take some getting used to, I had been on part since April  and pretty much stopped working in August, so I really got used to all that free time. I probably won’t be blogging quite as much, but that’s okay because I post a little too much anyway. But, it will be nice to finally have money again, I had been afraid to spend anything for about a year now because I never knew if or when the next paycheck would come.

Anyway, this is a new adventure and I am looking forward to the change! I didn’t expect to write all of this but I guess I had more to say than I thought.