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This November


November feels like a bit of a blur. At the beginning of the month my aunt came to town and we had a fun few days before she and my mom took off on an adventure in Europe. I was in a funk for a few weeks after the horrendous election results. I still can’t bring myself to pay attention to the news without feeling sick and angry so I have been ignoring it completely, which is a weird feeling because I have always been quite up to date on world news and especially politics. Work has gotten very busy but I am still very happy there. I like the work I get to do and my coworkers and I always find a way to have fun with with whatever we’re working on.


Usually the frost comes within the first or second week of October, but this time it held off until mid November. I missed the cold weather, but I didn’t mind having an extra month of vegetables from my garden.


There is a lot of construction and renovation going on in my city so I have been creeping around to document the progress.


When my Mom got back from her adventure we had fun cooking Thanksgiving food and researching ours ancestors. I got another subscription to and am working on my family tree, it is so interesting!

I am excited for all the holiday adventures to happen in December. We are taking a short trip to New York City, which I have been dreaming about doing for the past few years. I haven’t ridden a plane since I was four so I am wigging out.

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This November

November was probably one of the best months I’ve had in a while. I have settled in nicely at my new job, I have gotten more inspired with my blog, and most of all Christmastime is here!!!

We got the Christmas tree put up early this month, and I made the wonderful decision to buy the cats Christmas sweaters. Cloud did not approve.

It was the second month at my new job and I am still liking it a lot. No drama, no coworkers who are literally insane, and my paychecks are never late. Pretty much the opposite of my old job.

This little gal has been coming to visit just about every day. Jeeves loves her, Cloud hates her, and Chester can’t even see her. Probably thinks he’s just looking at Jeeves anyway

We had a great Thanksgiving and I stuffed myself silly.

I can’t wait to see what Christmasy things December brings!

I hope everybody had a really great November too!