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Lake of Geese

After attending a summer picnic for my company, one hot summer evening, we decided to wander around and explore the park it was held in. After a while we stumbled upon a hoard of geese, heading down into a lake.
There was a special goose path that led down into the water.
After a refreshing little swim, they turned around and started heading back to where they came from.

I like summer evenings like this.
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March is Exciting

March is one of my favorite months.
 I love watching the outdoors come back to life after a long cold winter.
 Each day the trees have a few more leaves than the day before. 
Every day it looks a little different outside.

Green starts to slowly creep over the ground and rise up to the tree tops. 
The woods come alive again.

Cherry blossoms begin to bloom, and then cover the ground in a blanket of soft pink petals.

The frequent rain makes the land look so lush and green.
 It’s a welcome sight after a cold dark winter.

I love March.

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Quiet Winter Woods

I love the quiet stillness of the woods during winter.

The way the sun sets early, and casts its orange glow against the bare branches. It gives the illusion of warmth, but the air is bitter cold.

The quiet winter trees make me more thoughtful, more inspired.

Winter can seem like it takes forever to pass, but there’s still beauty to be enjoyed.
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Winston Lake

In the city of Winston-Salem, there is the popular Salem Lake, which is a favorite spot for boating, fishing and taking walks. But while out on a drive one day, we discovered the existence of a Winston Lake! And we just had to check it out since neither of us had ever heard of it before.

It’s a small, quiet little lake, quite different than Salem lake. But very secluded and peaceful. 

There were plenty of cute geese hanging around on that late November day

Almost all the trees had lost their leaves by then, so it was surprising to see fall colors again on whatever tree these were!

I’d love to build a little house on top of that hill.

Winston Lake was a nice quiet place to enjoy some nature. I’ve lived in this city for over 20 years and never knew this place existed. I wonder what I’ll discover next!

This fabulous goose wishes everyone a good day!
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To The Falls!

When planning our little day trip up to the the Blue Ridge Parkway, I wanted to make sure 
we went on a good hike; one we hadn’t been on before and preferably involving a waterfall.

A quick google search told me there was a nice little walk to some falls right in the town of Little Switzerland, which was our first stop on our Blue Ridge adventure. The falls were on somebody’s property, but they didn’t mind visitors, and since it wasn’t a tourist attraction, there wasn’t anybody else on the trail!

A little while down the path and we reached the falls! It wasn’t quite what we expected, we thought the path would lead to the falls, not past it. We could have probably climbed down to get to them, but after the two weeks of rain that has just bombarded us, it looked a bit too muddy. 

So we decided to continue on down the path and see what else we could discover.

There was a nice break in the rain, and the sun shined through the tree canopies, turning everything a bright, lush, golden green.

It was especially pretty since the trees were just beginning to change color.

We walked and walked until we discovered an abandoned plot of land where a house once stood. After that we walked and walked some more, and then realized we were going to have a long and hard walk back if we didn’t turn around soon.

On our way back we stopped to admire the pretty stream and I spotted what I thought was a little plastic toy, but on closer inspection…

It was a cute little red newt!

He was very friendly and didn’t mind hanging out.

I just wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. 

We had so much fun on our hike!  I definitely want to go back and do it again some day.

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Our Bike Adventures

It has been almost three years since we got our bikes. I used to ride my bike all the time when I was little, but eventually I got tired of it and didn’t enjoy it anymore. I thought I would never care about riding bikes again. Then Steven found his bike at a pawn shop, and I knew I needed one too after seeing how much fun it looked. A few days later we found my bike on craigslist and drove to a questionable part of town to get it. It was owned by a guy who got it in exchange for a tattoo. He looked very intimidating but was actually a pretty nice guy and sold me the bike for 35 bucks. 

I started taking pictures of our bikes at some of our favorite locations we’ve discovered. All of these were taken on my old camera so excuse some of the funny colors.

I never knew how much fun riding bikes could be! There are so neat things in our city that we have discovered while biking and I can’t wait to see what else we will find!