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Growing Ginger

Lately I have been obsessed all the different kinds of foods I can grow myself. I have already started some lemon trees, and next I wanted to try growing my own ginger.

I picked up some ginger at food lion, despite all the articles I read about it needing to be organic, and free of chemicals that stop it from sprouting. My lemons from food lion sprouted okay so I thought maybe the ginger would too. 

I broke the ginger up into three chunks and soaked it overnight, to remove any chemicals.

Then I placed it on some potting soil in a warm location, out of direct sunlight and kept the soil moist but not soaked. 

And I waited!  Weeks passed but I never saw any sprouts, and when I went to investigate, I found that the inside of my ginger had turned into a rotten sludge. As soon as I touched the skin, it deflated like a stinky balloon. Gross!

So I took a trip to Trader Joes and got some nice organic ginger and set it on some new clean soil. I skipped the soaking step since I knew it didn’t have any chemicals on it.

Hardly any time passed before I saw sprouts! It grows really really fast.

After it started getting big, I covered the roots and put them in a prettier pot.

Now my ginger plant is huge and I can’t wait to start harvesting fresh ginger.

Ginger likes to grow in indirect light, so keep it out of the sun. 
Make sure the soil is kept moist.
It is sensitive to frost so keep it indoors in the winter. 

It’s a fun and easy thing to grow, try it!

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Gladiolus Flowers

I had heard of Gladiolus flowers before, but I didn’t really know anything about them, and I never thought about growing them. But one day early this spring, Steven saw 40 Gladiolus bulbs at Lowe’s for 9 dollars. The picture on the bag looked pretty and it sounded like a good deal so we went for it!  We planted the bulbs around the garden and watched as the leaves sprouted up out of the ground over the course of a few months. Finally around the beginning of July, they started to flower!  We were very pleased with how they turned out.

I think the buds look pretty neat before the flowers pop out.

We planted single bulbs in different locations, instead of planting a clump. When they get bigger I think I will divide them up and put all different colors together.
I just love this buttery yellow color.
My favorite was this pink one that had some yellow markings in the middle.

Gladiolus is now one of my favorite flowers!  Hopefully these bulbs will survive the winter, because I can’t wait to see them again next year.

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Summer Flowers

These were taken about a month ago when the summer plants started blooming in the front garden.

Sometimes I don’t feel very creative about taking photos. And then I put my 50 mm lens on, and get re-inspired with the lovely photos it takes!

Snap Dragons are such a fun plant. I especially like this red one!

My fern clones are loving life!

I need to make a habit of going out and photographing my garden more often. Flowers change so much it’s easy to miss them!
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My Tiny Cactuses

My little cactuses have grown a lot since last year! They’ve started to take their own shape and I’m so excited to finally see what types of cacti those little sprouts ended up being. These guys are now two years old.

My favorite one has gotten huuge!

These are the ones I seeded a year ago, they’re just about big enough to get their own pots 🙂

I think this is the one start started off with the three points last year, that I wanted to keep my eye on. I like him!

Not all the cacti make it.. Those little clumps of spikes are ones that just gave up and died :/

And here we have the newest batch of baby cactuses!

Planting my cactus seeds is something I look forward to every spring. It’s so much fun, and I love seeing what kind of sprouts I get! 

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The Front Garden in the Spring

These were taken about a month ago when my spring flowers were in full bloom. I didn’t post them then, because my brain was being weird and convinced me I was waiting for something before I posted them. Since I have no idea what  I was supposedly waiting for, here they are!

The Phlox are my favorite, I only wish they bloomed for longer than a couple weeks! 

The lawn was also filled with pretty flowers! 

This flower garden is only two years old and I can’t believe how much everything has grown! See my post from last year for some before and after shots.

Did you plant any flowers this spring?
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Veggie Garden Update: Flowers Galore!

All of my vegetable plants are in bloom!




My Zucchini haven’t started yet

My bean plant has outgrown it’s trellis!

Good news, my Luffa sprout survived the rabbit attacks and  is doing great! Better news, I have TWO of them! Shortly after posting that update I noticed that two more luffa sprouts popped up, making three! But then a bug came and ate one of them so I was left with two. I’m just happy they grew!

Eggplant flower

 My green beans!

Pepper plant

I can’t wait for all the vegetables!

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Tiny Cacti

 Last year while shopping for flower seeds I came across some cactus seeds! I had never even though about cacti growing from seed before, it seemed so strange and I couldn’t wait to get home and plant them so I could see what baby cactus sprouts looked like. 

Four weeks later I still didn’t see anything and I was so disappointed. But then a few days later I finally saw one! I was so excited I screamed!    Soon enough a whole bunch of them began to pop up over the next few weeks.

 Here are some pictures of last years batch. They look like perfect mini cacti <3

 This one is my favorite. It has the perfect cactus shape!
This one is the scariest! Ouch!

Here are this years seedlings at different stages, they’re so tiny it’s hard to get good pictures of them. 

The bigger one has it’s first spikes and the smaller ones are just starting to form theirs. It’s the small white dot in the center.
 The one to the left is interesting. I haven’t seen that kind of sprout yet.
This one is my favorite sprout so far, I love the three little points! I’ve seen a few that start off with two points before but this is the first one I have seen with three. 

 One still has the seed attached!!

I can’t wait to see what type of cactus each sprout turns into. Last year I didn’t keep track of what sprout turns into what type of cactus, but this year I will pay more attention. I could probably find that out online, but I like waiting and being surprised!

I think planting cactus seeds will be a yearly tradition for me. Once I get way more than I can handle I’ll start giving them away as gifts, or who knows, maybe go into business!
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Current Inspirations- Vegetable Gardens!

Right now I am currently inspired by cute vegetable gardens!  I am going to start digging mine soon, so I have been searching for inspiring pictures to try and figure out a a design, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. I got so excited the other day to start my garden that I almost ran outside with a shovel and started digging right then and there!

I LOVE this garden. I definitely want to have mine fenced in (we have rabbits that like to visit!), and I really like that brick path.

I think this path is so cute. There were a lot of bricks laying around our yard when we moved in, I always knew they would be good for something!

Hanging squash gardens are amazing!!!  I have no room in my yard for something like this, but maybe I could have a smaller version? 😉

I really want to plant colored carrots! I had no idea they came in colors other than orange. I think they would make some pretty amazing looking meals.

I will definitely be needing some trellises. I am planning on growing lots of squash, zucchini, eggplants and peppers.  I would love to make my own trellises like this, but I may chicken out and just buy some at Lowes, haha.

Last but not least.. I love this homemade sprinkler!  It makes me laugh every time I see it. 

Well that’s all for now!  I’ll post a garden update once I start digging.