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Swamp House

Just off the path, nestled at the edge of the woods at Reynolda Gardens, lies this little house that is covered in moss, looking over a swamp. 

It was a hot evening, at the end of summer. A rainstorm had just passed and the gardens were empty. A light fog was lifting up off the ground and rising up into the grey clouds, that were quickly disappearing. 

This little house, that was once a fancy boat house for a beautiful lake, is now spooky and overgrown. Many forgotten summer memories from long ago, are lost in this dense overgrowth. 

But I like this lake house turned swamp house just the way it is.  It has character, and so much intrigue. 
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Secret Garden

One summer evening, I wanted to explore Reynolda Gardens. The sky was dark with rain clouds, but it looked like they were passing by, quickly so we decided to head out anyway. Halfway there we caught up to the rain. It was pouring on and off but we kept going. We got to the gardens just as the last rain drop fell. 

A slight fog floated just above the trees and the storm clouds were beginning to clear away, so the setting sun’s golden light could shine through. It looked like we had discovered a secret and magical garden. Nobody else was there.

We wandered around the gardens for a while, and there was never another soul in sight. The quick rainstorm had scared everybody away.
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Reynolda Conservatory

The city I live in was greatly shaped by a man named RJ Reynolds, and his tobacco company. He and his wife built a sprawling estate in the early 1900s which included a working farm and an extensive garden. Today, the house is a museum and the gardens are free for the public to explore and admire.
The Conservatory is easily my favorite part. It is used for educational purposes and classes are held there every so often
Something about the organized clutter of pots, and plants of all shapes and sizes clustered together makes me happy when I look at it.
They make use of every surface, even the ceiling!
The very back is dedicated to propagating new plants. It’s fun to be able to explore and see what they have newly growing.
I am always drooling over their massive orchid collection. They have so many unique species.
I think I could spend days in this lovely place!
I want to make a point to come here more often. Especially since it’s only a short drive up the road and it doesn’t cost anything to have a look around.