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Thrifty Finds

One day we were out running errands and suddenly we got the disire to check out our favorite thrift store. It was a lucky decision because everything was on super

I found these two lovely plaid skirts in just my size.
The purple and black one was $2.00 and the brown and red one was $3.99. I don’t really own anything in that color so I am exited to find a way to style it.

I had been hoping to stumble upon a plaid dress for sometime.. Finally I did and it was only $3.99!

I couldn’t pass this one up for just a $1.25!

I already owned this dress, but I only got to wear it a few times before it got a big fat stain on it which I was very sad about. I couldn’t believe I found the same exact dress in my size, stain free for $2.79!

So in total I spent 14.97 on all these clothes. Not bad considering each of these probably cost at least $20 original priced.  

Since I started shopping at thrift stores it has been really hard to justify buying anything at regular price. I much prefer the thrift store atmosphere to crowded mall department stores anyway. There is such an excitement about thrift stores; never knowing what you’ll find. I am always on the lookout for vintage items, but those are so hard to find! 

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Thrifty Finds

It had been a while since we checked out some of out local antique shops. On his trip we ended up finding something at each place!

The first place we stopped, I had been dreaming about visiting for months. This guy has an awesome collection of vintage cameras, including many old land cameras. I spent a very long time admiring all of them..

I couldn’t decide on buying any of them though, but I did find these neat old flash bulbs I had seen around ebay and thought about getting. They were a good price so I snatched them up! I’m not sure if they fit any of the cameras  have, but I always thought it would be cool to use one or two.

Steven likes old black and white photos and he picked out this one, of somebodies funeral.  I picked out the one with the cats!

The next store I didn’t take any pictures of, but Steven found an old guitar and I saw a camera I liked.. But I still didn’t get it.

We saved our favorite store for last, it has wall to wall books and many other treasures. We ended up finding some pretty cool books.
I saw this bag sitting among the books and peaked inside. I was so surprised I closed it right away and just stared off into space for a while. The whole day I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted a newer Polaroid camera. And I just happened to find one!

This camera was made in the early 80s, and while Polaroid no longer makes film for it,  The Impossible Project has taken to trying to re create the film, and I am excited to get some and try it out!

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Thrifty Finds

I wanted to share some of my latest thrifty finds. We hadn’t been thrift shopping in a while and we ended up having really good luck at our favorite place.

I found these two cute shirts plus this plaid skirt, perfect for Christmas time outfits!
Jeeves thought my skirt was a nice place to sit down and have a bath..
Steven found some desert boot style shoes he has been wanting.

And the best find was this awesome camera set for 40 dollars! I saw this bag shoved in a corner and thought “Hmm… There could be a camera in there…” And sure enough, there was!  I got some film  for it in the mail the other day and I can’t wait to try it out!  I have been wanting an older film camera for a while now.

Have you found anything good at a thrift store lately?

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Antique Store Finds

One of our favorite Saturday activities is to go thrifting/antiquing. There’s a couple good thrift stores in my area, but there are waay more antique stores and lately we have been visiting them regularly and finding some really great stuff. For years I’d always assumed that everything in antique stores was expensive and I never really thought to add any to our thrifting list. Boy was I wrong!

This is our haul from our latest antiquing trip

I seem to be the land camera queen lately,  I have been finding them everywhere! The first shop we went in was owned by santa claus type character, and he asked what we were looking for. I’m usually awkward and just mumble something and dart away to avoid conversations, but Steven told him I was interested in cameras. He got a huge smile on his face and said “Well you’re gonna looovvveee me!”  And brought me over to a shelf overflowing with old cameras, many of which were land cameras!  I actually didn’t buy any cameras from him though, even though I kind of wanted to. The land cameras were pretty old and nothing had price tags. I hate asking prices because I don’t want to feel pressured to buy something, plus it would involve talking to someone (Oh the horror!!)

This land camera came from one of the next shops we went into. I couldn’t believe it; it was the exact model I was thinking of buying refurbished online for 200$. It’s the first model to use packfilm which is still made brand new! Once again it had no price tag, but Steven asked the lady who owned the shop, who has a very strong personality and I can never quite figure out if she’s mad at us or that’s just how she acts. She responded with “Oh you want my camera? Well it’s 20 bucks!” and then walked away. I held in a squeal and knew it was mine!! We also bought an aluminum butter dish from her that she was asking like 8 bucks for. Steven talked her down to 5 and she reluctantly agreed . She seemed to think the butter dish was more special than the camera and told us we were getting it for a steal!

We got this globe from my absolute favorite antique store! We saw it there months ago but didn’t buy it. Steven had been thinking about it ever since so we went back to see if it was still there. We didn’t see it and asked the owner and he said he was pretty sure he sold it. After we left he came chasing us down the street and said he had found the globe! 

I sneakily took some photos of the place, and didn’t even realize until just now that I had taken a picture of the globe we were looking for! This place is FILLED with books! He also has a nice collection of bonsai pots and cameras, so I could spend hours in his shop. I saw a land camera here too, but once again no price tag and since I had just bought one I figured I should calm down with the camera buying. Haha.

Something I’d like to do is take more pictures of antique stores. When I was little my parents went to antique stores all the time and would spend what felt like days in there. It didn’t bother me too much though, I have always loved the kind of eerie feeling they have and love to get lost wandering through the rows of forgotten memories. 

Well, I certainly never imagined I would have this much to say about this post! I just couldn’t resist sharing all the interactions we had that day.

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Thrift Store Finds

I have had great luck at my favorite thrift store lately!

On my most recent trip I found this nice bag which I plan on converting into a camera bag with a camera bag insert, a garden book that I couldn’t pass up, a SUPER cute teapot, a mini elephant figurine and some old spice cologne that Steven wanted. 
I was so excited when I saw this teapot, it was 4 dollars! I’m not sure when I’ll want such a small serving of tea though, maybe if I make it super strong? Haha.

I also got a laundry basket for 99 cents that I didn’t take a picture of, but I grabbed it as soon as I saw it in the store. Has anyone else noticed how ridiculously expensive laundry baskets are?? The first one I bought was a cheap one from walmart which broke as soon as I brought it home. So I begrudgingly bought an expensive one, but then I lost the handle which revealed the thinnest plastic underneath, which promptly broke too -_-  The one I got seems very sturdy and doesn’t have those stupid handles so I’m pretty happy about it!
As I was about to check out, I looked down and spotted this camera in a box of junk! I immediately grabbed it and then realized it didn’t have a price tag, which means they wouldn’t sell it to me 🙁 But the lady was really nice and said she would set it aside and call me as soon as it was priced. I waited for days and was beginning to think they had forgotten when I realized I had just missed a call on my phone saying they had priced it at 3.99!  So we raced to the store and got it!  I bet they thought I was nuts for coming to get it so fast because they probably thought it was just a toy, haha. It’s a remake of the original Diana cameras that were made in the 60’s, but it’s still a great deal because these retail at around 50-60 dollars. I recognized it from a book I picked up in Pittsburgh about toy cameras, I’m so glad I bought that book otherwise I may have walked right past it!

 It actually still has film in it, (which I may or may not have accidentally overexposed :/ ) but I’m going to use up the rest of that roll and see how it turns out.

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The good kind of Saturday

The other Saturday was a good day filled with springtime activities!

First we went to the farmer’s market and got organic eggs, local honey (I heard it helps with the allergies!) and the BEST pimento cheese ever. No mayonnaise! I’m actually a pretty big mayonnaise fan, but it grosses me out in pimento cheese for some reason.

We happened to go to the farmer’s market on chicken day, which I was excited about. Once a year a whole bunch of people bring all their hens and chickens to sell. We wanted to bring a little hen home so bad! One guy was selling rabbits in pairs. He said “Buy two, end up with 500”  I wanted to bring home a pair of rabbits too. 🙂 Maybe it’s a good thing I have a small yard in the city, who knows how many animals I’d end up with if I had the space!

Next we checked out one of our favorite garden stores and bought some plants. Those petunias are our favorite!

Got a great deal on some dishes at the thrift store. Isn’t that pan cute? Perfect for cooking one sunny side up egg. We made egg sandwiches with pimento cheese, sooo good! And I am excited to bake all kinds of bread in the near future.
We also found some pretty cool books at the thrift store. Jeeves approved.

 I wish every day could be this fun.

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My Birthday Adventures

February 8th was my 23rd birthday! And I must say that this has probably been the best birthday ever. It was an entire day filled with fun activities! (Yay for birthdays falling on Saturday!) Since my new goal has been to take more photos, I tried to document all the fun moments of my birthday adventure.

I had a party Friday evening and my mom made these super cute drinks. I don’t exactly remember what was in it, but I’m pretty sure it involved cranberry juice and wedding cake flavored vodka.

Instead of a cake I had delicious brownies with frosting. 
We started my birthday morning off with a trip to McDonalds for an egg and cheese biscuit and a hazelnut iced coffee. I am obsessed with those coffees..
Next it was time to do one of our favorite activities of driving around and exploring. We set out to find a creepy place we found about a year ago while exploring. 

Found the creepy place! Looks like they were building an entrance to a fancy neighborhood but then abandoned it.

After that we checked out some antique stores. 
*Wait a minute… What’s that in the corner…*


I have been wanting one of these for a while now and I was just telling everyone the night before how much I really wanted one. I was so excited!  The downside is that they stopped making this film in 1992 and it’s really hard to find. And expensive!! But I’ll probably give it a shot, just to see how it comes out. I still would like to get a slightly newer version of the land camera that you can still but film for. But this guy is in perfect shape!

 After all the camera excitement it was time to bake lavender lemon cupcakes with my mom. I took a bunch of photos  that I’ll share along with the recipe later.

For dinner Steven and I went out for Thai food. We shared a shrimp and vegetable curry and sticky rice with ice cream for dinner.

We ended the day with a bag of yummy Indian snacks!