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The Motel From a Dream

Staying in normal chain hotels is pretty boring.

Although it can be a bit of a risk to stay in some random motel, it always makes for a more interesting story and a more fun experience.

It was summer 2018, and I was looking for a place to stay on a last minute weekend trip to Cocoa Beach Florida to visit the space center. As soon as I saw a picture of this pastel castle, the opportunity to stay here could not be passed up. It went along perfectly with what my brain had dreamed up retro Cocoa Beach would be. The reviews were mediocre, but we’re not picky. The price was pretty cheap, but not the cheapest on the list.  Right where I like it. From the photos online, it looked like my dream motel.

This Motel is called Fawlty Towers, and I couldn’t find any more information on it before booking. But later on during our stay, I read that it had once temporarily became a nude motel in hopes of increasing business.  I couldn’t find any info on if clothing was still optional, but everyone I saw there kept their clothes on. whew!

The motel formed a square, where every room had a back door that faced the courtyard with a pool.  Palm trees covered the property and it was like a quiet little oasis.

At night, the courtyard pool felt a little like an alternate reality. I loved it.

The room was nice enough, with all the things you’d expect a motel to have.  It was clean and the bed was comfortable.

This crazy motel makes the list of top favorite places I’ve ever stayed.  I would definitely stay here again on another trip to Cocoa Beach.



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Just Off the Desert Road

Just a few turns off the interstate, in the vast open desert, abandoned towns and buildings sit.

Free to explore, there are no fences or barriers.  No one else is even in sight.

The sun was setting over this forgotten little campground. A place where people probably spent many fun summer vacations, now overgrown on a cold day in early March.

There are so many little things to discover in the desert, just off the interstate.

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Night of the Witch

The summer heat is finally gone. The days have gotten colder, and the night comes a little sooner now. Leaves have started changing colors and falling to the ground. Everything feels a little spookier. I love this time of year.

Two years ago I spent most of September and October sewing this Halloween dress.  I don’t really remember what gave me the ambitious idea to make such a thing, but it was a fun project to work on during the colder autumn evenings. I ended up not even using a pattern, because it seems I have a hard time sticking to directions when it comes to projects. So my Halloween dress has some strangely sewn areas, but that’s OK since I looked like I just rose from the dead!

When I put on this dress, I just want to run around in the spooky dark Halloween Night.

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Cat Photos Friday: Ghoul Kittens

My sister adopted two kittens that look like little skeleton ghouls!  This guy above is Kevin with the pants, and his sister pictured below is Maisie the party goblin.

They’re so cute and playful and friendly. It’s so much fun to go and visit them!  They are living at my Mom’s house with her three cats, so it’s a big cat party over there right now.

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You Never Know Who May Be Watching

Coming home from work, after a long and crazy Monday.

 Finally home. 

I came home to a completely destroyed back door. 

 I saw it from the outside. I didn’t dare go in. 

Whoever did this at least closed the door to the back porch. Cloud was prancing around the scene of the crime, and I saw Chester running around inside,  scared. Since the cats hadn’t escaped, I didn’t worry about much else.

I peered in the windows as I was on the phone with the lady who answered the emergency call. I told her everything looked in place..

But wait my computer was gone.

My camera is still there though.

I bet they broke in just to get my computer…. You could see it through the window..

I realized she didn’t need to know all that so I hung up and waited for the cops in the front yard. Cloud screamed at me though the living room window. She wanted dinner. 

When the police man came, Cloud showed him around the house. 

I bet she saw exactly who did it.

 I watched the cops take finger prints. I once wanted to be a forensic scientist, so this was a bit exciting. 

Chester was traumatized and hid under the covers for a long time. 

Jeeves could not be found. We thought maybe he had escaped after all. But then finally found him..

…Wedged behind the TV stand! 

He stayed there for hours and eventually we had to move the TV to pull him out. 

Then it was off to Lowe’s to buy a new back door!

A pizza was ordered and the door was installed by midnight. 

The house was back in order, except for the empty space where my laptop once was. The stylus and mouse left behind.

It was apparent that some freak trekked all the way through the back yard and peeked in our windows and decided they really wanted my computer. And it all happened in broad daylight.

Unfortunately my external hard drive was plugged into my laptop. With all my pictures on it…. 

Something that means nothing to them, but everything to me.

Luckily most were saved on my old computer. I only lost the last six months worth. 

It’s been almost two weeks. I have a new computer, but it will never sit on my desk unattended. I also make sure my new hard drive never stays plugged in, so it won’t get taken along for a crazy ride like my old one did. 

  I keep the curtains closed now, because you never know who may be watching..

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I’ve grown to really like Tulips. They never were one of my top favorite flowers, but I like that they seem to stay in bloom longer than any of my other bulbs, which bloom for a couple days and then turn into what looks like an old brown tissue. This fall I am going to plant an absurd amount of them and watch my yard explode with tulips when the spring comes.

This pointy white one must have came in the variety pack I bought, even though the picture didn’t show any like this. I’ve never seen a pointy leaf tulip before. I hope he comes back next year.

(Not a tulip, I just liked how this other plant looked!)

 I saw this bee hanging out while I was taking tulip pictures. It’s rare to see an actual honey bee these days!

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Flower Explosion


I am always amazed at how quickly winter turns into spring. How one day you see some green poking up through the dirt, and then barely a week later. Flowers everywhere.




This Hummingbird Moth loved the flowers!


And just as quickly as they bloomed, the flowers faded away. Not to be seen again for another year.  I love these flowers that fill the front garden with giant splotches pf color. I just wish the blooms stayed longer.

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Cherry Blossoms


Many Streets downtown are lined with cheery trees and for a few weeks each spring, there is a glorious display of light pink cherry blossoms.


These particular trees are right outside my office window at work. I’ve never had a desk near a window before so I was quite overjoyed to be looking at these trees every day. One day they were looking so pretty I had to race right back there after going home to get my camera so I could take some pictures. .



I love walking along the city sidewalks, underneath all the blossoms. I just wish the trees stayed in bloom longer. A few days after I took these photos, some huge storms came through and all the flowers were washed away. I wish flowering trees kept their blooms all summer.