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Cemetery Snowfall

My favorite cemetery looked magical during a snowfall last winter. The orange leaves that still clung to some trees made an interesting autumn contrast against the white snow.

It was a rare early December snow. Usually it never snows here until sometime mid January, when all the leaves are long gone.

Wandering around, a cubed snowman and his friend were discovered.

When it snows I like to wander around everywhere.  Everything looks so different in the snow, like another world.

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  1. beautiful pics. love the snowmen watching over the gravestones.

  2. What utterly beautiful and atmospheric photos you took! I am just listening to the Hely Hutchingson carol symphony listen from about 12:45 and this bit seemed the perfect soundtrack to these photos!

    1. Oooh it certainly does!! 🙂

  3. These photos are absolutely stunning!

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