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Chloride Ghost Town

In north western Arizona, about an hour and a half outside of Las Vegas, is the little almost forgotten town of Chloride.

Chloride was once a busy mining town with over 5000 residents, but over the years that number steadily declined to around just a few hundred and Chloride was on it’s way to becoming a ghost town. For whatever reason though, this town was never completely abandoned and still has a couple stores, a restaurant and a motel.

It’s a picturesque dusty little town, full of eclectic desert character. We stopped at the general store for some snacks to fuel us on our way to the Grand Canyon.

Chloride was a fun place to stop.  I’d love to spend more time there exploring one day.

6 thoughts on “Chloride Ghost Town

  1. I love your posts and photos. You take me to places I wlll never get to visit.

    1. Thanks! But I do hope one day you can visit these places, they’re amazing!

  2. Amazing place. I visited Bodie a few years ago, it looks like Chloride is going the same way.

    1. It was definitely an interesting place to explore!

  3. Like the time stood still in Chloride (funny town name), actually has
    some nice picturesque corners in daylight! However I’m not so sure if
    I’m brave enough to visit at night 😛 Xx

    1. I thought the name was kinda funny too! Hmm, now I’m actually quite intrigued to see what it is like at night! 😀

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