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Construction Zone- Part Two

About a month ago we went back to theย construction zone, to see how far it had come along.

It was as far along as I expected, but it’s still neat to see the progress. It’s gonna be weird to drive over that new road and remember what it used to look like.

We saw a microwave! Do the workers use that to heat their lunches or is it for some sort of construction process that I don’t know about?

Even though there wasn’t much going on, I still love this walk because of all the power lines to take pictures of! (Hehe)

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  1. hahah welp, that microwave is the most random thing, ever. Let's hope it's for all the Lean Cuisines the workers eat ๐Ÿ™‚

    xo marlen
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  2. i agree with marlen, the micro is SOOO random! i've never heard of that before!
    lovely photos. i love the light when it's just getting dark.

  3. What a weird place to see a microwave! Nice power lines & sunset pics. Interesting to see the progress down there.

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