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Construction Zone

Our favorite walking/biking trail has been closed for construction, they’re building a huge road bridge above it.

But we decided to walk on it anyway.
I guess these will eventually be the columns that hold up the bridge!

 I don’t know what this little truck does but it’s cute!

0 thoughts on “Construction Zone

  1. These are some great photos! I have a weird soft spot for big construction machines because I used to work admin in a workshop that put them all together ready for sale 🙂

  2. the work in progress is so intriguing. i love the color of the soil. those sleeping machines are so fascinating!

  3. So interesting photos! I adore construction zones, they are fantastic for taking photos…
    Love your beautiful green dress!
    Looking wonderful <3

  4. I was scrolling through this post with all the vivid photos of the heavy machinery, then lol there's my angel baby girl posed like a pretty pinup in another gorgeous outfit! You are a Delight!
    xo ~mom

  5. Thanks! Ooh that sounds like a neat job!

  6. The soil is an interesting color but sure is a pain to dig through!

  7. Hehe thanks! I was feeling silly!

  8. Haha love that picture of you posing in front of the truck! And that little truck does look very cute.

  9. I find it so fascinating to walk by a construction site and analyze what it is that they are doing and figure out what they are building. There is a bank being built right next to the university, and I walk by it a few times a week. It's neat to be able to see the progress and the workers are pretty nice, too.
    Also, how cute is it that you posed next to one of the trucks! 😀

  10. Me too! I love going by and seeing the progress that's been made!

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