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Downtown in the Dark

I love the city, especially just after sunset.

The different lights from all the buildings cast an eerie glow along the crowded streets.

The newest addition; towers to serve as a monument to the city’s tobacco factory past, expel a spooky mist that fills the skies, and makes for a creepy atmosphere.

It’s fun to peer  in to the spooky dark shops, and see the wares back lit against a night light.

Murals can be found on many street corners. Some are quickly painted over, some last for years.

Lights from all over, reflect off of windows like Christmas lights.

Downtown Winston-Salem has a slightly eerie vibe to it. The ghosts of the tobacco factories that once ruled the land, cast a haunting feeling from their abandoned windows. 

0 thoughts on “Downtown in the Dark

  1. These literally look like screenshots from a night time scene for a film. Well done!

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheese with Papas

  2. What Adi said! Oh wow these just perfectly capture that night in the city, part spooky, part exciting and partly quiet and calming feeling.

  3. It's not very often I head out at night to see what places are like, I should do it more, I always like the twinkling lights.

  4. Kinda Spooky, who knew, everything looks so different in the dark? Cool photos & your words are even better!
    Xo ♡ mom

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