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Easy Vegetarian Tacos

This is one of our favorite meals to make with our spiralizer.


Six zucchini
One can of corn
One can of black beans
One packet of taco seasoning
 Mozzarella cheese
Taco shells or tortillas

This recipe made enough for six people.
Chop the ends of all the zucchinis an spiralize them on the large noodle setting. After spriralizing I cut the noodles into shorter more manageable pieces
Saute the zucchini noodles on medium heat with a little bit of olive oil until they just barely start to turn transparent.  I prefer them to be on the firmer side rather than the mushy side, so you have to be careful not to over cook.  They also produce a lot of water which I drain out to avoid forming a soup.

Once the zuccini is drained, put it back in the pot and add the black beans and corn.
After a couple minutes add the taco seasoning, mix well and then it’s ready to serve!

My favorite topping are mozzarella, iceberg lettuce and guacamole
Prepare your tortilla or taco shell and enjoy!  

What are your favorite taco ingredients?

0 thoughts on “Easy Vegetarian Tacos

  1. That looks so yummy! I tried the whole zucchini thing but it did give off a ton of water so I basically had watery spagetti. It was interesting….

  2. oh my goodness those are lovely! especially the last photo looks like something form a gourmet food truck or something. lovley idea, i have to say that i really hadn't thought of vegetarian tacos before!

  3. This is making me so hungry haha I need to make this … a good reason to make guacamole!!!

  4. Yeah the first few times we made something with zucchini it ended up being pretty much a soup!

  5. I loooove guacamole!

  6. Wow! These look amazing! Thanks so much for the recipe, going to have to give these a go x

  7. Um, yes please! I think I might have to buy a spiralizer now…

  8. *drools* these vegan taco's are looking good c: Xx

  9. I love to make vegan tacos (just leaving out the cheese) but I enver thought of putting zuccini into them! What great idea to mix the spiralized zuccini with corn and beans! I will try this next time 🙂

  10. I would love to prepare it! Looks delicious :))

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