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Exploring the City

Last month we went to take a little walk, and it ended up being a long walk exploring part of the city we didn’t know existed.

We turned down a street we had never noticed before, that went behind some old buildings that were once the tobacco factories that fueled this city.
Some of the buildings had been abandoned, some had been turned into offices.

This foundation was being held up by rubble!

Behind some bushes we found a gathering of oddly shaped bricks, so we made a little brick boat.
Then we stumbled on some really fancy condos we had never seen before.
And a strange little garden made from those oddly shaped bricks and weird knick knacks. 

This little area we found was right behind some roads we drive on nearly every day, it’s  fun to turn down the less traveled roads and see what you find.

0 thoughts on “Exploring the City

  1. It's so good to explore more of where you live. It gives you more of a sense of home, I find.
    That brick boat is so cute!

    Have a great week,

  2. I love to explore like you do! This is something that fills the soul 😉
    Love that abandoned buildings, but also the fancy part looks so beautiful too :*

  3. oh it's so fun to explore! my town is soooo tiny and i've been up and down and around every single street and even out of town on my bike or running. i get kind of tired of that so finding places in your town that you didn't know existed sounds awesome. i also love your old building photography.

  4. Thank you! My goal is to one day go down every street in my city. In a car at least, because some parts can be pretty darn scary, haha.

  5. Those old and abandoned building seem so cool! And the brick condos look cute!

  6. So what was the name of this street? Some of it looks familiar. Exploring on foot allows you to take in so much more, you'll never know what you'll find. Interesting pictures!

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