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Falls in the Graveyard Fields

I love discovering new places on the blue ridge parkway. Some places are a long and difficult hike to get to, others are just a quick walk down some wooden stairs.
The quick walk down the wooden stairs at Graveyard Fields led to a peaceful rocky stream. I would have liked to stay here and wander around in the shallow water, but as this had been a quick little 24 hour trip to Asheville to see a concert, I hadn’t packed the right clothes for playing in a river!


The goal was to hike to the big upper falls of Graveyard Fields, but we got turned around and ended up back in the parking lot!

The story of that adventure is here.

0 thoughts on “Falls in the Graveyard Fields

  1. Beautiful pictures of North Carolina and I loved the story behind it too. I finally got to see the Blue Ridge Parkway a couple summers ago and it was magical. I can’t wait to go back again. You’re very lucky 🙂

    ~Laurali Star

    1. Thanks! It really is a pretty place. Hope you get to come back soon! You should see it in the fall with all the changing leaves!

  2. What a gorgeous spot! Looks like it was a lovely day.

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