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Ghost of Halloweens Past

To help get into a spooky mood in preparation for Halloween at the end of this week, I thought I would share some creepy photos from Halloweens past.

Halloween was my Dad’s favorite holiday. He took pride in having the scariest house on the block. (Heck, probably the whole city!)

There were many kids, and even adults that were afraid to even come up to the house. There were so many spooky things, you never knew what was going to pop out at you!

I love the creepy glow of all the eerie colored lights.

A ghoulish cabinet, home to many skeletons and spiders. 

As October progressed, the front yard was slowly turned into a scary cemetery. 

This year we are going to have a small little party at our house and hand out candy. Although our house will not be nearly as scary as this! Maybe one day..

What are you plans for the spooky day?

0 thoughts on “Ghost of Halloweens Past

  1. Damn, you guys take Halloween extra seriously over in the States 🙂 I love seeing what people do for the holiday. I've never celebrated it at all as a kid and it's not really a thing in Belgium, so we don't celebrate here either.
    Props to your Dad for making such a creepy house though!

  2. we're not big on halloweens here. i do hope to spend halloween in festivity sometime, maybe i should start thinking about travelling somewhere for halloween next year. these decors are too cute to miss!

  3. I just love Halloween. Cool photos, the last one with the cat I love the most.

  4. Your dad and my dad would have gotten along perfectly! We always loved decorating for Halloween the most. 🙂
    Hope you have fun at your party! Who knows what I'll be doing yet. Things just happen at the last minute as you get older. Hahaha

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas

  5. The Halloween lights are so perfect. I would love to go there because it looks so fun. I like to see Halloween pictures on blogs since we don't make much of a big deal of Halloween here.

  6. Thank you very much for sharing this awesome post! I like your blog and definitely will follow it to see new amazing content! And I like your style of writing!

    Diana Cloudlet

  7. Eeeeh this is a lot of scary decoration! I am not at all into all this halloween things and most people here in Germany do not make a big deal out of it but its fun to look at all these halloween posts. I hope you are having a great party and loads of fun tonight!
    Thanks a lot for your last comment and have a great weekend!

  8. Wow, look at all these decorations! Loving the graveyard building up in his front garden!


  9. That foot sticking out of the ground is a nice touch! Haha! I wish we had a big yard so we could do stuff like this!

  10. Daddy sure did go all out with the decorations! So creepy cool how he'd just stand there all menacing like, in the faux graveyard, being the grim reaper and scaring the heck out of trick or treaters!
    Xo ♡ mom

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