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It’s Winter!

Even though it has felt like winter for over a month now, today is officially the first day. I’ve always liked winter, even though it’s cold and dark, and the plants have died back, I still think winter is just as pretty of a season as the rest of them.

Everything sounds clearer in the winter. Maybe it’s the thinner air, free of the humidity that summer carries, or maybe it’s because the leaves are gone from the trees. 

The clear air makes the interstate behind our house seem so much louder, I listen to it as I fall asleep at night. For some reason it make me imagine traveling far away to someplace up north. 
I like the way the trees look without leaves on them, showing their intricate branches against the white sky.

Winter is filled with cold foggy days, where the clouds reach all the way to the ground and it looks like snow could fall at any second.
But winter also has days filled with bright sunlight and brilliant blue, cloudless skies which pair strangely with days that never get above freezing.

My favorite thing about winter is when it snows, which isn’t often enough here. I love the blurry mess the snowflakes make as they turn the whole world white.
And how cozy the houses look, nestled in the snow.
I hope everyone has a great winter! I will be spending mine as I always do,  hoping and wishing for lots of snow!

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  1. I'm a fan of winter add well.
    I just wish it had summer's hours of daylight!

  2. The second to last photo looks pretty creepy, but I actually really like that about it!
    It just snowed a little last night, but overall we are having a very minimal snow which is unusual.
    And I agree, the branches are really neat to look at and admire the shapes. Something that helped me draw them is counting how many divisions there are. One branch begets two, then those two beget two more, and so on and so on. I think it always maxes out at six if I can remember. *goes outside to look* I count things a lot, haha. XD

  3. oh i just love winter! and the fourth picture in this post is so amazing. i agree, the fog and leaves trees are so pretty. you really have some good looking, interesting shaped trees where you live!

  4. Urgh i'm so not ready for winter and snow, not after last year! I'm missing summer already!

  5. I also like winter, but only as long as it doesn't rain too much – and then freezes over night, it is so dangerous!

    Have a great day,

  6. That would be perfect!

  7. I always liked drawing trees too! One of the few things I actually could draw. :p

  8. It will be over before you know it!

  9. I'm not a fan of the ice either!

  10. Cool wintry shots and beautiful words. Hope we get some snow!
    xo ♥ mom

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