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My favorite part of the aquarium was the jellyfish.

They’re just so mesmerizing, and mildly hypnotic. My favorites were these Moon Jellyfish.

Also they kind of remind me of lava lamps. Just a little bit..

I wish I could have a pet jellyfish. Maybe a tiny one.

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  1. I could spend far too long watching jelly fish at aquariums, they are such fascinating creatures. I always love how such places such fancy lighting for their displays – makes them all the more memorizing.

  2. Jellyfish are really fascinating and also calming to watch. I love the idea of a pet jellyfish, that would be so cute!

  3. Beautiful pics, Sarah. Love your idea of a pet jellyfish. You are right, they do remind me a little bit like those lava lamps. Happy hump day, girl.

  4. Jellyfish are so so awesome, I love watching them!

  5. i'm not sure why these are so beautiful, in person or in pictures. Of course, they always remind me of the film Finding Nemo, though i know there's so much more to them then that.

  6. These are soo pretty! Lovely photos!

    Have a great day,

  7. Cool photos & what a magnificent place. Was this the aquarium at the beach? I'd love to see this in person. I, too, would choose to sit for hours and watch the incredible sealife drift past. I read our local aquarium in Greensboro has a new exhibit and is building another.
    Xo ♡ mom

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