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Just (2000 Miles) Down the Road

The interstate in my backyard, if followed long enough, will eventually lead to the small town of Holbrook Arizona.
It’s a little town that the old route 66 used to run right through until it got bypassed in recent years by the construction of big interstate 40. Holbrook also inspired the little desert town in the movie Cars.
The people behind the scenes of the movie Cars apparently spent some time in this cafe, planning out the movie.
(For some reason we didn’t eat there?!!)
We rolled into the town of Holbrook on a chilly late February afternoon, after spending the day wandering through the Petrified Forest. Old neon signs lined the streets, and big dinosaur statues guarded the many little gift shops scattered around.  I wanted to walk around and explore the shops, but it seemed everything was closed. There was nobody around, except for a random car passing by here and there. With the cold wind blowing through, Holbrook felt like a bit of a ghost town. Or at least on its way to becoming a ghost town.
I dreamed of what it might be like, in the hot summer weather, and what it had been like many many years ago.
I still find it amusing, when I listen to the cars on the interstate behind my house, that this little town lies way down the road. And then I dream of racing off, back to the desert.  It’s just 2000 miles down the road!



0 thoughts on “Just (2000 Miles) Down the Road

  1. I love the painted business names on the buildings! Such a neat little place.

    1. Thanks!! I loved exploring this little town.

  2. You make me miss the US quite a bit. The other day someone asked me which country inspired me the most concerning the landscape and it definetly was the US, especially Utah 🙂 I am sure you know what I am talking about since you went the same way I did back in 2014.
    Much love!

    1. I definitely know what you’re talking about! The western US has such an interesting landscape, and it changes so drastically as you drive around. There are some neat spots on the east coast, but it pretty much looks all the same on this side no matter where you go.

  3. What a sweet town- I love your photos!

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