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Just Off the Desert Road

Just a few turns off the interstate, in the vast open desert, abandoned towns and buildings sit.

Free to explore, there are no fences or barriers.  No one else is even in sight.

The sun was setting over this forgotten little campground. A place where people probably spent many fun summer vacations, now overgrown on a cold day in early March.

There are so many little things to discover in the desert, just off the interstate.

0 thoughts on “Just Off the Desert Road

  1. Do you ever go inside these buildings to see if you can find anything cool?

    1. Sometimes, if I’m brave enough! I didn’t go into any of these.

  2. This is so cool and eerie! Like what even is that rabbit billboard? Haha!

    1. I’m not really sure, I think it might be a sign for an old run down gift shop. The desert is full of random strange stuff like that!

  3. I love that rabbit billboard.

  4. I find abandoned towns fascinating, beautiful, sad and evocative all at the same time … and this one had a rabbit for added drama!

    1. I love finding abandoned towns, especially in the desert!

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