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Land Camera Photoshoot

A while ago I took my model 95 polaroid land camera on a photo shoot in my mom’s yard.

 None of the pictures turned out, but it was still fun!

You can check out my tutorial on this camera here

0 thoughts on “Land Camera Photoshoot

  1. Such an awesome camera.
    I love how you always look so nice, but not dressed up. Like your own version of a vintage housewife.

  2. You look nice and comfortable in the dress.

  3. You look just lovely. That dress is so pretty and fits you beautifully and those shoes of yours! Are they little velvet bows? I've wanted a pair of shoes just like that for years!

  4. I love how these photos turned out. The dress is very beautiful and I especially love the shoes with the amazing detailing.

  5. Amazing camera, it looks so unique! I must say I love these pics, it seems you had great fun during shoot! 🙂

    Lotsa love

  6. Thanks so much! I'd love to be a vintage housewife, haha.

  7. Yes! These are definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes, I love this style of shoe! Thanks 🙂

  8. Love this kind of retro camera! Looks really oldish and wonderful. Beautiful photos of you, like from the old times!
    Garden of your mom is enchanting :*

  9. My Garden looks so awesome but you, my angel, look EXTRA Gorgeous!
    Love that black dress on you ♥ That was a fun day even though if the Land camera's photos didn't turn out.
    ♥ mom

  10. Thanks a bunch! It was a fun day!

  11. What a classic look! I love it and it looks wonderful on you. Your mom's garden is badass, by the way. It's the kind of garden I would never want to leave!

  12. Thanks! Yeah I could (and have!) spent hours in her garden!

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