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I had been thinking about adding a fun color to my hair for a while now, and when I saw some lavender hair dye at the store one day, I just couldn’t pass it up.

I love it. and find myself wanting to add even more color to my hair now.

Have you ever dyed your hair an interesting color?

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  1. Oh, what a nice little touch this adds to your hair! I love it!


  2. The color suits you beautifully, Sarah. When I was in my 9th grade I dyed my hair red, well let's say it was an interesting mix of red shades, lol, because it went oh so wrong, lol. My mom couldn't stop laughing, I couldn't stop crying. It was that awful, Sarah, it really was.

  3. oh it's so so cute! I vote for more and more colour! With the light blonde as the base, you could have any colour!

  4. Thanks!!! I Had I had a similar thing happen last year, I tried to bleach my red hair and it turned a mix of blonde, orange and red. I had fire hair! Haha

  5. Thanks!! Haha yes I can definitely see myself adding all kinds of color!

  6. Love it! Lovely photos, beautiful girl xo ♡ mom

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