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Monument Sunrise

Monument Valley was one of my favorite places on the Desert Trip.
It was such a peaceful and calming place. We stayed at the only hotel around called The View hotel, which overlooks the giant rock formations. I woke up early to watch the sunrise, before we raced off to our next destination.  There was some snow on the ground, which was a surprising sight to me.
Sometime I’d love to return to this place, and spend a few days here, wandering around the monuments.

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0 thoughts on “Monument Sunrise

  1. Woah, this place looks amazing! Almost like another planet.

    1. I definitely thought so too!

  2. That is very beautiful. Always wanted to go, so reminiscent of ‘westerns’ of old.

  3. Monument valley is on my list of future destinations! What gorgeous photos. Looks like such a tranquil place.

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