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New in the Shop

I just added a bunch of these cute bonsai magnets to my Etsy Shop!
I did a variety of ones with a black background and some with a mint background. I can’t decide which ones I like best!

I really love these bonsai stamps, they’re definitely one of my favorites to make. Maybe it’s because it was these stamps in particular that made me dream up my resin business!  It all started when Steven found them on a box at work and brought them home to me because he thought I would like them. And I did!  I liked them so much in fact, that I held on to them for months and months trying to figure out exactly what to do with them. I ended up ruining my original bonsai stamps in a resin disaster, but I found more on ebay and have made plenty of magnets and necklaces to make up for my ruined ones. 

Do any of you guys have Etsy shops?  If so, post a link and I’ll follow you!

0 thoughts on “New in the Shop

  1. The black ones look great! I may have to order some… we are in need of magnets for our fridge!

  2. I really love how the mint color looks!!

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  3. Ooo I love them against the mint colour.

  4. I love the mint ones!! Bonsai's are so stunning and these really are gorgeous designs!! I can't believe you made them! You're so talented!
    I've gone onto Etsy once before and it seems really great actually. I'm going to be spending more time on there leading up to my wedding so that I can order some nice goodies!! Will definitely check your store out too!!

  5. Ooh, these are very cute!
    Going over to your Etsy shop now to take a look around 🙂

  6. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    These look very pretty, you did such a great job!

    Have a fantastic day,

  7. At one time we had about three magnets for our fridge, now I've made so many there's hardly any room left on our fridge, haha!

  8. Thank you! Me too 🙂

  9. Thanks! Etsy can be pretty dangerous, there are so many neat things on there!

  10. Those are precious! They remind me of those little soaps that have treasures inside… hehehe. But with stamps. 🙂

  11. I love the colors and want them all!
    xo♡ mom

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