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NYC: On the Street


A collection of random shots I took while wandering the streets of New York City. Most of the pictures I didn’t frame of even stop to think about. I just snapped away as I walked.



One of the many glorious city pigeons I saw!


My favorite thing about our visit was just roaming the streets and taking in all the sights. I love the crazy atmosphere of the city, where there’s always something new and exciting to see every street corner you turn down. Although I am not a very social person, I feel safe and secure in large crowds. I like how busy everybody is in NYC; nobody tries to talk to you and everyone seems to mind their own business. Because of that, it seemed a lot less stressful and scary than my own city. I miss New York.

3 thoughts on “NYC: On the Street

  1. Sometimes spontaneous snaps are best to capture the spirit of a city!


  2. Ah, I am loving these snaps! It really takes me back to our holiday last year. There’s something very “New York” about being in New York, it has a very distinct feel. It reminds me of that “London Feel” I get when I go home and have to go through London. You know there is nowhere else like it.

    I must admit, I do find the city far too closed in and dark though. Manhattan wasn’t my favourite place to spend our time, but it definitely was an experience that I was always look back on fondly.

  3. I can only imagine what it must be like to visit this city. I hope I can get the chance one day.

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