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NYC: On the Streets at Night


New York City is a crazy place, whose streets don’t slow down as the darkness falls. The bright, sparkling lights of the skyscrapers illuminate the streets for as far as the eye can see.


…And some areas grow even brighter as the sun goes down, hitting you with blinding lights as you turn the corner. Sometimes you forget that is isn’t the middle of the day!



(I love the giant towers of steam!)


But no matter how dark, or how late it got, I always felt very safe on these busy city streets, which is a lot more than I can say about my own city.


I love exploring this city, no matter what time of day!

2 thoughts on “NYC: On the Streets at Night

  1. Magnificent photos! I like how you saved my fav bldg for last. Although the pic showing the trees wrapped intricately with tiny lights is definitely an inspiration

  2. Gorgeous images! They look like shots from a magazine!

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