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Pastel Beach

 Close to where we stayed at the beach is a neighborhood of the prettiest beach houses I’ve ever seen.

This one is for sale in my etsy shop

Some other pretty pastel houses I saw on our trip.

These houses would seem rather out of place anywhere else, but at the beach, the pastel rainbow colors seem to fit in perfectly!

0 thoughts on “Pastel Beach

  1. Wowie, sweet looking homes! What a rainbow place c:

  2. How pretty!! I love going to the beach 🙂


  3. Oh these are wonderful!! That first one is just perfect, totally shop worthy. You have such an eye.
    I kinda wish all houses were like this, it might make everyone happier.

  4. Oh wow, they're so perfect they almost look like a movie set! I don't think I've ever seen houses in some of those colours before, they're beautiful!

  5. Such pretty Beach houses and great shots of them! I find myself wondering what it would be like to vacation in one of them. Are any of them rentals?

  6. Oh wow they look stunning (look pricey too!) – I bet they have awesome beach views. Would be a hard choice trying to pick the best colored house although that yellow one is speaking to me!

  7. That's so cute how they're all painted pastels, I would think that's be really happy to come home to every day! In the fourth photo, they almost look like doll houses!

  8. It's funny, isn't it – paint them pastel and they're gorgeous!

    Have a fantastic day,

  9. Wow, they look like candy homes!

  10. I could not believe this when I saw these pictures! How could something so pretty and perfect be real? New dream home location for me!

  11. A few of them are! I think the big yellow one is.

  12. I like the yellow one too! Or the teal.

  13. It certainly would be hard not to smile coming home to a house like that.

  14. Haha me too! Maybe we'll be neighbors!

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