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Pittsburgh Trip- A Walk Through The City

On our second day there we decided to walk around downtown. It was pretty busy, but it was manageable, until we turned down this one road and there were people walking EVERYWHERE. It felt like we were suddenly transported to new york city and we had to manuver our way through confusing unfamiler roads while trying not to hit anyone. Or anything. It was very overwhelming and we got pretty traumatized. We almost gave up, but then we finally found a parking spot on a quiet street.

I believe my response upon seeing these birds was “Look! city pigeons!”

There is a nice little park at the tip of downtown where were able to relax after our, exciting.. Drive.

I just can’t get over those cute little houses on top of the hills!

I love seeing the old buildings mixed in with the new ones.

0 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Trip- A Walk Through The City

  1. awesome pictures!
    i really love the one of that big building that is like a mirror and the houses on the hills.
    that is just so cool… so. cool.
    i love seeing the old and new buildings, too. i love that tall one standing up in the middle of nothing. i always get to wondering, what was it when was it built and stuff like that.

  2. BAHAHA city pigeons! I didn't know they made other kinds!

  3. I love visiting the city and checking out the old buildings. There's always way too many people walking out and impossible to find parking for free! XD

  4. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel really small! Tall building overload!

  5. Pittsburgh has to be a really nice city,
    I especially like the picture with the old building
    surrounded by new buildings. 🙂

  6. Sarah, I L♥ve your eye! What a cool bunch of old buildings & new, such nifty architecture. Sorry you got overwhelmed by the crowds & parking which is definitely a drawback of any city. What an adventure!

  7. Thanks! I always like to imagine what old buildings used to be like too, and what people thought of them when they were first built.

  8. Haha yeah. Luckily we found some parking that wasn't outrageously expensive

  9. It made me feel small standing next to them! I thought my city had tall buildings until I went there.

  10. Thanks! It was a pretty nice city, once you got used to how big it was

  11. Thanks! It sure was an adventure!

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