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Quiet Winter Woods

I love the quiet stillness of the woods during winter.

The way the sun sets early, and casts its orange glow against the bare branches. It gives the illusion of warmth, but the air is bitter cold.

The quiet winter trees make me more thoughtful, more inspired.

Winter can seem like it takes forever to pass, but there’s still beauty to be enjoyed.

0 thoughts on “Quiet Winter Woods

  1. Very nice, I like how the sun shines through the branches!

    Have a great week,

  2. You did well photographing the trees, capturing the stillness & serenity. Definitely a good motivation for taking a walk.

  3. There's something very magical about a winter sun peeking through somewhat bare trees.

  4. I love the woods in Winter. I go running around three times a week in the woods close to our house and I really love the atmosphere in Winter there 🙂 Nice post and beautiful pictures! : )

  5. Amazing pictures. There are definitely aspects of winter that are beautiful.

  6. Ahh, this post reminds me of another favourite blogger of mine! ( I think you'll like her blog!

    I love going to the woods in winter time! It's magical, quiet and always free of people 🙂

  7. Thanks, I think so too!

  8. Thanks, I'll check it out! Yes, I do like the free of people aspect 😉

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