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The Beach in a Dream

Little beach towns always feel like a magical, altered reality type of place to me. A place far away from regular boring life, where time almost stands still. When thinking back, months later on that short little week spent spent at the beach, it almost feels like a dream. I think these Polaroids capture that feeling.

These Polaroids were taken with the Polaroid OneStep 2 and film.

0 thoughts on “The Beach in a Dream

  1. Gorgeous photos as always! I miss shooting Polaroid.

    1. Thanks!! Polaroids are so much fun 🙂 You should do it again!

      1. I should! Really I should. It got so expensive though.

  2. I love small beach towns. Grew up in one. Had only about 1500 residents. Less in the winter months when many of the cottages closed up and the owners either went to Florida or to their main residence in the city.

    1. That sounds nice. I’ve always kind of wanted to live in a beach town.

  3. Thee houses are so typically US – like when I see these I wanna travel to the US directly 😀
    Nice pictures!

    1. Thanks! You should come back here for a visit sometime 🙂

  4. There’s something so charming about rows of pastel houses!

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