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The Fair- At Night!

I love the magical land the fair transforms into at night. The way the bright lights create a stunning silhouette against the night sky.

I’ve always loved taking pictures of the zipper, but I have never ridden it. Partly because I’m too scared and partly because it seems like it is always broken down, which only adds to my fear! This was the first time in years I’ve actually seen it running. Th screams of people riding it could be heard all over the park.

My interpretation of what it would be like to ride the thing.

I almost fell out of this thing when I rode it years ago, with nothing but a metal bar keeping me in. But that’s part of the fun of carnival rides I suppose? 

When I close my eyes at night after being at the fair, I can still see all the bright lights and rides.

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  1. oh wow! i think these are even better than the last post you did. just wow. all those colors and movement, you're so good with your camera and such an inspiration. very well done. 🙂

  2. I went on the zipper once and hated every second of it. Definitely not fun at all LOL

    Rides with only metal bars to keep you in are a part of the fun/fear!!!!

  3. I think your pictures are really great! I love to see the fair at night! It just looks so much more magical! I rode the zipper once and it was just so rough for me as I had a bruise the next day from being tossed around! LOL!


  4. Wow… these pictures are mesmerizing! I think the fair at night looks so magical. During the summer time up here, the days are so long during the fair that there is no point in even having awesome lights like that, so it would be a splendor to see these kind in person!


  6. Thanks a bunch! 😀

  7. Yeah I'm glad I skipped that one!

  8. Thanks! Yeah I have definitely gotten a few bruises from fair rides before!

  9. The night photos came out great, all the rides look even more exciting at night when they are lit up. The photo of the Zipper is really swell but I am content just to look at it, definitely not ever going to ride that! Love the last photo, too, of the Merry go Round ~ Such delicious photography!
    xo ♥ mum

  10. The fair looks so alive at night! I can imagine that it was just bustling with excitment! I love the photos that you've taken as well as your interpretation of what it might be like to ride the 'Zipper'! I does sound quite scary, I don't think I'd have the guts to go on that haha!

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