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Two Guns Ghost Town

Just off of interstate 40, formally the old route 66, is Two Guns Ghost Town.
The land where this ghost town now sits, holds many stories.
A group of Native Americans were killed by an enemy tribe that set fire to a cave where they were hidden.  After that tragic event, the area is now known as the Apache Death Cave. Years later the beginnings of a settlement started to appear as construction began on a railroad and bridges over the Canyon Diablo where the Apache Death Cave was. But this new settlement was a town of outlaws and bandits. Reportedly a group of men once robbed a train, stealing close to $200,000 and then buried it somewhere near the canyon rim.  It has never been found.
Eventually a man named Harry Miller, who referred to himself as Crazy Chief Thunder, began the major construction of a town he wanted to call Two Guns.
The town included a small zoo with mountain lions, snakes, and other interesting creatures. He also apparently sold the skeletal remains of the Native Americans who died in the cave nearby.
Crazy Chief Thunder skipped town eventually after shooting a guy to death with whom he’d had a disagreement.  The man’s widow kept the town going and opened a gas station, tourist store and campground. Unfortunately the gas station burned down in the 70s, and Two Guns slowly declined into a ghost town.
Now it sits, right next to the interstate, just some lonely graffiti covered buildings in the middle of the empty desert.
The setting sun was casting extreme shadows over the crumbling buildings as we arrived at the ghost town one chilly February day. The wind was tearing across the flat open land. No one else was around.
The desert is such a strange and mysterious place.

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  1. Great photos!!! I wish we had ghost towns in the UK; you are so lucky!!!!!!

    1. This was my first time seeing ghost towns, there aren’t really any on the East coast. It was really cool!

  2. It’s SO eerie yet simultaneously colourful! The graffiti is very striking! I’ve never seen anything like this in the UK!

    1. I was surprised by all the graffiti, I really like how colorful it was!

  3. Wow this place is spooky. It has such an intriguing history too!

    1. I definitely thought the history was totally crazy!

  4. This is such an incredible location with such a crazy history! I’m dying to see it for myself someday.

    1. You should definitely check it out if you ever find yourself in this area! 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing an interesting story, and beautiful pictures! I think places that look torn down and have crumbling buildings are so full of beauty. I had to giggle a litte bit when I read that the man’s window kept the town going – I started to picture a window trying to keep this town going, opening a gas station and all (I am assuming you meant to write widdow).

  6. Haha!! That’s hilarious, thanks for pointing that out. Although it does make for a bit more interesting story so now I’m tempted to leave it as saying window.

  7. That’s an incredible place and such evocative photos. Beautiful.

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  9. The newest pictures of Two Guns, paintings are still changing

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