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Veggie Garden Update- Plenty of Veggies!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a veggie garden update!

Ok so some of my bell pepper plants started growing… Well, whatever these things are… o____0 No idea what happened there.

Annnnd, I know you’re all wondering how my luffa plants are doing…

They’re doing great! They’ve taken over the fence and are starting to flower!

There is a future luffa, waiting to bloom and be pollinated!

I kind of let my broccoli get out of hand..
This is one of two gourds I’ve gotten. Sadly all of my squash plants got infested with squash borers and most of the vines died!! :'( I replanted them but I’m not sure they’re grow in time before the first frost hits. I was really looking forward to drowning in squash this year!

But other than my squash fiasco my garden has been doing great! I love going out and picking fresh veggies from the backyard.

What are your favorite vegetables to plant?

0 thoughts on “Veggie Garden Update- Plenty of Veggies!

  1. I love the details of the macrofotografia

  2. These look great, congratulations! I'm always super impressed with people that can grow vegetables and fruits because I can't! It's a shame because the thought of cooking with something you've grown yourself and just picked is so idyllic. I tried planting some carrots once and only one baby carrot grew and I was so proud of it! (but seriously how could I mess up carrots so badly?! haha)

  3. Oh those tomatoes look amazing – I always think home grown tomatoes taste so delicious! I'm looking forward to getting some veg planted for over fall/winter to try and get our veg patch growing, nothing too adventurous mind! Still, have to finish the weeding first!

  4. Wonderful pictures of your perfect garden. You must be so proud. Being able to have that satisfaction from your hard work is sooo awesome.

  5. the veggies look so fresh! you took a really great photograph of them! 🙂 so interesting!

  6. I love to plant chilli pepper at home too… great photos! love the posts on your blog…

  7. They look awesome! I wish I had a garden to grow veggies in! We have tomatoes and various herbs planted at work, so at least I get some of those 🙂

  8. Wow! Your garden looks amazing!!! Our Summer Garden has been burnt out and dead for the past month or so… we are actually getting ready to plant our Fall crop any day now. Our seasons are a tad later because it Austin and is still crazy hot right now. Lol.

  9. Wow I would love to visit your garden someday!! It looks amazing and so many veggies that too of your own! Amazing 🙂

    Have a lovely week ahead!

  10. Your garden is looking so great! We didn't get a chance to start ours this year, but hopefully next year!

  11. Thanks! Haha I didn't seem to have any luck with my carrots this year either, so don't feel bad!

  12. Thanks! Good luck with your garden! 😀

  13. Thanks! It is a nice feeling growing your own veggies!

  14. Thanks a bunch! 😀

  15. Thanks! You could always trying growing a few veggies in some planter boxes, I've seen people do that and it looks really neat!

  16. Thank you! I planted my fall crop a few weeks ago, hoping it works out!

  17. Thank you! 🙂

  18. Awesome, I want to plant some fruit next year instead of so many vegetables!

  19. Bravo! Excellente work 😉 This organic garden of yours looks splendid! I have a grarden at my house in country side, but I dont go so often there, so my mom is in charge for planting. Maybe some they I will be in her place :*

  20. Fruit would be fun to plant, although I'm not sure of many fruit plants that aren't trees or bushes! Your yard would be great for that though, you have a ton of room!

  21. Haha, I actually think your odd bell peppers are pretty cute! Your veggies are totally thriving! I have a tomato plant that I took in a little late in the season, and since it will get cold pretty soon, I am not sure what will come of my tomatoes. We shall see!

  22. I'm very impressed with your gardening skills, as well as your keen photography.
    Everything looks so Lush & Lovely ♥ Well Done!

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