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Weekly Journal #10

A pretty average week. The weather is getting cooler so I have been spending more time outside in the garden, getting ready for fall and planting things for next spring.

Morning Glory vines have begun to take over the front porch. At first it was cute, now it’s starting to get scary.. Chester stands guard.

Making good use of my new agar at work. (Yay pink microbes!)
I attempted to sprout an avocado seed and it’s working! ¬†Looks a bit gross at the moment, but I am excited to see it grow.
So far I only have one luffa.. But I think he’ll have enough time to finish growing before the frost comes.
I just can’t seem to resist buying all the bulbs!

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  1. I love seeing all of the things you grow. Your front porch looks amazing! (although definitely a bit scary too!)

  2. planting bulbs in the warm light and promise and mystery of next year's spring is such an amazing thing, in my mind.
    and pink microbes! i may have laughed aloud at that. but seriously, what's not to be excited about?

  3. Yey for all the bulbs – I still need to work out and order what I want for next year. I love and hate planting all the bulbs though and always forget were I've planted them.

  4. oooh your avocado is coming along quite nicely, we've got a split in ours but that's it, no peep of a shoot just yet. Fingers crossed.

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