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Weekly Journal #17

This week was pretty good; still getting used to my new job. I will be working 10 hours a day, four days a week. The long days take some getting used to, but I am excited about having a three day weekend!

My view when I get to work in the morning. I wake up before the sun!
We were finally able to finish the new path in the backyard. I think it turned out quite well.  I also planted 36 pansies! They were on clearance for 50 cents a six pack at Lowes because they weren’t flowering just yet. 
We went to an autumn bonfire and I baked these fudgy brownie pumpkin treats.

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  1. 3 Day weekends are definitely nice! That makes it worth it, for sure. =) Pumpkin brownies sound super delicious. I love pumpkin flavored things!

  2. Those treats look delious 🙂

  3. As the dark hours roll around once again, I'm beginning to remember how much I love sunrises too. Also, those treats just killed me, I really want one right now!

  4. Can I have some of those lovely pumpkin brownies too? 😀

  5. Oh my goodness, your fudge brownies look AMAZING!

  6. Wow, ten hours of work is looooong… I can understand that you need to get used to that. I think I would have a very hard time!
    I am back from the holiday… wanna know where I went ,)? New post is up!
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

  7. Fudge pumpkin brownie <3 looks and sounds delicious c:
    Keep smiling during your job dear ^__^ xx Ice Pandora

  8. What a bargain on the bulbs! also, those pumpkin brownies look delicious!

  9. Those treats sure do look scrumptious. Did you plant all those pansies along your new path? It looks great. You will enjoy the 3 day weekend!

  10. 10 hours days do feel rough at first but 3 day weekends are awesome, it's kinda nice just to get everything over and done with. Your front walkways came out really nice, flowers on clearance are awesome! I don't know if it was just me but it seems like the cost of flowers just skyrocketed this year, I ended up only doing a few flower pots rather than the usual ones all over because lowes wanted so much for their flowers. 😛

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