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Weekly Journal #2

Worked 55 hours this week, eleven of which were on a Saturday much to my disgust. All the consultants came to argue out the future of the company in a nine hour meeting at the production plant. It wasn’t the huge disaster everyone expected, but I think we’re all mildly traumatized from it.. At least they bought us coffee, doughnuts and Jimmy Johns!

In addition to attending the eternity long meeting, I also had to  run a very important experiment. Hopefully it worked out!

After a month long drought, it finally rained! It was nice to have a break from watering the garden.

We hit another jackpot at Lowes. Scored these guys for 50 cents each, originally 20!
This is a short week for me. We get Friday off because Fourth of July is on the weekend, and I decided to take Thursday off too since I worked too much last week 🙂 I plan on working on my resins!

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  1. Awww working that long on a Saturday sounds horrible! Have fun with your two day's off 😀

  2. 50c's for the hanging baskets?! My word that's a bargain and a half!!

  3. Bargain flowers! Urgh, Saturday work… I definitely hate having to head into work on Saturdays!

  4. We couldn't believe it!!

  5. It should be against the law to work on a Saturday! Haha.

  6. That Unbelievably great bargain for the hanging baskets just might make up for having to work on a Saturday.
    How did your experiment work out?
    and what are those things in the first photo?! Liquid cages?

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