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Weekly Journal #24

Last week started out with some commotion in front of our house. We heard a bunch of noise so we looked out and saw like, 10 cop cars surrounding a guy and his car, some cops were even pointing guns! It was scary. Still haven’t found out what happened..
I did some present wrapping with the help of the cats.
A fun Christmas tradition is going to the Moravian candle tea in the historic village where our city first started.
And then we went to the Christmas parade!

Her new name is Homewrecker. We were going to let her spend the night in one of the bathrooms because it was cold, but the scent of her caused another round of non recognition aggression. This time Jeeves didn’t recognize Chester and really tried to kill him! I was able to get them back to normal after about a day. But then they wandered out onto the back porch while I was cleaning, and the scent of her caused it again!  I am so annoyed. It takes the entire day, at least to re-introduce them to each other. I guess we learned our lesson. No other cats EVER in our house, or on our back porch, again!  I still feel bad for that little gal though. I hope somebody takes her in. 

It was a pretty good first week of December besides the cat drama. 

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  1. Oh yeah, my cats also love helping with the wrapping = chasing the ribbon while I try to fasten it!


  2. OMG! what a scary experience. Gorgeous pics, Sarah. Love the last pic the most.

  3. Wow so scary seeing that out the front of your house…kitty cats are the best at helping with wrapping XD

  4. Oh no, I hope there hasn't been any more commotion outside your home!

    Aww, and the poor little girl, I hope someone takes her in soon!

  5. What a week! I'm glad you had some fun stuff going on to temper these bad experiences. Loved spending the highlights with you.
    Xo ♡ mom

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