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Weekly Journal #31

It snowed three different times this week!  The first two didn’t stick around too long, but on Friday we got hit with the “blizzard”. It was mainly just ice so that was really disappointing. But we got about 4-5 inches of it so it still looks pretty. 

At work I usually prepare 20 of these plates each day. On Wednesday I did 40, then on Thursday my boss suggested I do 60 and I agreed. Big mistake! I got so sore I thought for sure my arms would fall off before the day was over. I am still recovering from it.

The snowy view from work. I just love watching snow fall.

We found our new favorite dinner!  Home made mini square pizzas. They’re so good and pretty easy to make!

I loved all the snow we got this week, it was definitely the highlight! I wonder if next week will bring any more..

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  1. Love that first snowy photo! Beautiful! – Tasha

  2. 60 is a crazy amount! I'm assuming you are coating them or something, but just thinking of doing 60 of the same thing, that makes my arm ache just thinking about it!

    Oooh, those pizzas look interesting, what did you use for the base?

  3. Love the first pic, it's beautiful. So finally you got some snow. Those pizza looks delicious, yummy yummy for my tummy. Stay warm, girl.

  4. I'm glad that you're doing all right, those storms sounded like they were pretty hard core! (and sorry about all of the ice, I think I would rather have snow than that, the ice makes the roads awful and downs the powerlines like crazy.) Your first photo is so pretty with the flower covered with the snow and the picture you took of outside your work is great, look at the snow coming down!

  5. We got almost two feet of snow here! The most snow we've seen in a few years, for sure. I love it though!

  6. Wow, you should never agree to what you boss asks, haha! 😀

    Have a great week,

  7. The mini pizza squares look absolutely delicious. I always think it would be interesting to live in a location where it snows.

  8. Watching snow fall is one of the best elements of winter. I love the serenity that it brings to almost any setting, especially if it's a gentle fall, not a full on blizzard.

    Lovely snaps, sweet dear. I hope you have a splendid last week of January!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Yay for snow! It's so pretty 🙂
    Still nothing here where I am living in the UK, boo!

  10. First of all – thank you so much for your cute comment! It made me very very happy once again! Second- are you sure you should keep this job? It sounds not like the most rewarding one!? 60 instead of 20 is really a thing… I felt angry at your boss when I read it!
    Anyway, a happy Monday dear! : )

  11. I was adding different types of bacteria to them for tests. Definitely took a long time!

    For the pizza it was a store bought whole wheat thin crust. It was really good!

  12. Thanks! Yes I was quite excited about the snow!

  13. Thanks a bunch! We definitely weren't hit as bad as some places, but I would have liked a bit more snow 🙂

  14. I know! It wouldn't have been too bad if I wasn't already sore.

  15. Thanks! I would definitely miss seeing snow if I lived someplace warmer.

  16. I agree, watching snow fall is my favorite!

  17. I hope you get some soon!

  18. Thanks! I do like my job, but my body just can't seem to handle repetitiveness. It's my own fault too for pushing myself too hard and ignoring when my muscles tell me to slow down.

  19. Homemade square pizzas so sound like a recipe for deliciousness! Always fun to mix things up. That snow looks pretty magical–we're lucky if we get like an inch here so 4-5 inches sounds like heaven. Then again, I live in the deep south, and that's expected. 🙂 Hope your arms have recovered!!

  20. No snow this year again! ;c I'd love to have some snow!
    Love the first picture that's for sure c;
    And the pizza square looks goooood! Xx Ice Pandora

  21. Awww your poor sore shoulders! Sorry about the repetitive part of your job, mustn't overdo! Now that is a delicious looking cheesy yummy pizza. It's my opinion pizza is really all about the gooey cheese. Delightful garden closeup with the bokeh xmas lights, cool shot. Xo ♡ mom

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