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Weekly Journal #48

My Bonsai sticks are growing along. Well, except those two guys on the left, not too sure about them..
My mom’s three cats gathered in the same area, a rare sighting!
We checked out a new garden store in town and they had so cool plants for a great price. We got this flat for only 12 dollars!

My friend Alex has been begging me to make a snapchat account so  I finally did it. (Hi Alex!!) I have no idea how to use it so it might be amusing to follow me while I attempt to post stuff. (Since I can’t seem to figure out how to add people yet) 

Summer seems to have arrived this week. It was in the mid 80s which was quite a shock since it was so cold recently. But I am looking forward to these long days and lots of outside activities. 

How was your week?

0 thoughts on “Weekly Journal #48

  1. Lovely post hun! I like this so much.

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  2. That's a lot of pretty plants for $12!

    I'm still getting the hang of snapchat… and I've been using it for over a year! Added you on there 🙂 (I'm moglustik)

  3. Yay snapchat fam! Haha

  4. cute cats! would've been even more irresistible if the other cat was in one of the holes in the tower on which the first cat was sitting hahaha. Oh you'll love Snapchat!

  5. Awesome! Now I have two friends, haha.

  6. Haha yeah I'd love it if they would all share the cat tower 🙂

  7. I am loving your bonsai tree collections c:
    My prayers goes out for the 2 lefties!!
    Xx Ice Pandora

  8. Your bonsai trees are so sweetly beautiful. What an exciting and wonderful collection you're cultivating there.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. hey hey i loveeeee your lil bonsai trees!!! they're just so unusual and cute.
    also i added you on snapchat! i had no idea how to work it when i first got it a few months ago, but i'm learning slowly and occasionally post my dogs on my story :))

  10. I reckon you just crop the two left ones out the photo and then you've got a bonsai success story!

  11. My kitties! Looking silly as usual. That plant store is a real gem. I want to go back, except it's been so hot.
    Ps what exactly is Snapchat??!!
    Xo ♡ mom

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