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Weekly Journal #49

The first week of June was a hot one; almost 90 degrees some days. 
My body has not gotten used to this extreme heat yet so I couldn’t bring myself to leave the air conditioning and stayed inside most of the week.

Some wildflower sprouts that I planted on Saturday. 

The first Friday of every month is the gallery hop downtown.

We found a sad baby bird that fell out of its nest in our in our driveway. But we set him near some trees where his mom was able to find him and we watched her feed him!

How was your week?

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  1. So glad the cute baby bird's mama found him <3 Happy June!

  2. Aww bless him! I hope he made it alright! We found a bird too that seemed to have fallen and popped him into the bush for his mum to find too. I try to look for him each day I go past but I haven't seen him again.

  3. Good that they were reunited!


  4. Awww, the baby bird is so cute, I'm glad you were able to reunite it with it's parents too. The wildflower sprouts look like they're coming along well too. – Tasha

  5. That is so very sweet about the baby bird being reunited with its mom. Awesome job on finding and saving it, sweet Sarah.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  6. I forgot to ask you about your seedlings. Bet things germinate quickly when it's so warm. Cute baby birdy!

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