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Weekly Journal: Beach, Mountains and the Hospital

We spent a week at my favorite beach.  It was a lot of fun, but for some reason not quite as fun as past trips have been.  Nothing was particularly wrong, but I guess every trip can’t be the best ever. Right after our return, we had to go spend a weekend in Asheville to help out some family members. We got to stay at an Aunt’s mountain house with a lovely back porch view and her cute cat.

The weekend in the mountains was really peaceful and relaxing, and Asheville is a fun city to explore. We decided we should go more often.

My wrist is still messed up from work. I work for a giant hospital but in a separate building a few miles away, and each week I get to wander around the maze of the main hospital to get my wrist looked at.  I really had to resist the urge to buy myself this whale balloon while waiting for my prescription one day.

0 thoughts on “Weekly Journal: Beach, Mountains and the Hospital

  1. 😮 get well soon with your wrist!!
    Those get well balloons from hospitals are indeed cute 😛 did you get it?
    And your aunt has an amaaazing back porch view!! Love it c:

    1. Thanks! No I decided against buying myself a balloon and just took a picture, 😛 Maybe next time I go back I won’t be able to say no to it, haha!

  2. I hope your wrist heals soon!
    That whale balloon is adorable!

  3. Ahrgh, the photos won’t load! I’ll just have to imagine the beach! Glad you made it there even if it wasn’t as good as it usually is. Poor you with your ongoing wrist saga. I hope someone in the Labyrinth manages to heal it!

    1. Oh sorry the pictures won’t load! Yes, I hope someone can help my wrist, sadly I think I just need to avoid using it until it heals -_-

  4. Asheville is such a wonderful place.
    Hope you heal swiftly!

    1. Thanks! Yes Asheville is pretty cool 🙂

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