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Weekly Journal- Fruit, Ice and Fish Tank

 Everyone was thoroughly entertained by the wild array of fruit I brought for some birthdays at work, instead of the usual cake or dessert since many are avoiding junk food right now.

The forecast had briefly predicted snow, but all that happened was a bit of ice. Too bad.
The much anticipated fish tank has been up and running for a week now!¬† So far a family of snails have hitched a ride on some of the plants and made themselves at home.¬† I’m glad to have something to watch while I wait for the right water parameters to be able to add fish.

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  1. I’m gutted that I cannot seem to view any of your pictures on this or the last post, no matter how many times I’ve loaded it- i LOVE fishtanks so I would very much like to see it! AND the lovely snow pictures! What sort of fruit did you take in? It sounds like you were very popular!!

    1. I think I fixed it! Had to change some settings around, hopefully they are visible now!

  2. I don’t see any photos either.

    1. Hopefully now you can!

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