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Weekly Journal: Ouch

My Venus Fly Trap, hanging out in the window at work, watching the rain that’s been here for so many days. It was a strange work week, with lots of unnecessary drama that I have been trying to avoid, and other strange news which had me feeling irate.

Some difficult study at work caused me to injure my wrist, so I used a rubber band to secure this cold pack, while I attempt to use my left hand to do things.

The rain finally stopped in time for the weekend so we have been spending plenty of time outdoors.

In one week I’ll be at the beach! I can hardly wait!

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  1. I love Venus Flytraps. They are weird…unusual and unlike any other plant.

  2. Hope your wrist is better! That last photo of the garden is just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately it is still not healed. I definitely wish my garden looked more like that one 🙂

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