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What I Wore- Dark Days

The days have been dark and chilly lately, a pretty drastic change from the hot and sunny weather we have had all summer. 

Also I dyed my hair…

I bought the same EXACT shade of bright red as I did before, but for some unknown reason, it turned my hair almost completely black!  You can see the red tint in it when I’m outside, but indoors it definitely looks black.  I actually really like it though. It’s probably been a good five years since my hair has been this dark.

Outfit Details
Shirt: Maui Nix
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Target

To me, nothing says “It’s fall!” like plaid.  Since I am not quite used to being cold yet, I have been bundling myself up in warm pants and boots whenever I go out. It might be time to break out the colorful tights so I can wear dresses again!

0 thoughts on “What I Wore- Dark Days

  1. It has been kind of hot here, so i envy you. I just love plaid in fall, too! Its so cozy in the cool and dark days. Your hair is so pretty blowing in the wind, too. I can almost feel the cool fall breeze.

  2. Yea its getting colder and colder, summer was very giddily 🙂 I hope the fall would't be so strong!
    Love your plaid shirt and cool boots 🙂 Great combo for the season that comes :*

  3. I love rocking a good lumberjack plaid once the weather changes.

  4. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    What an adorable outfit, I love the shirt on you in combination with your hair!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. This outfit is so cute, definitely something I would wear. Love the new hair 🙂


  6. Thanks! It ended up getting hot again here too. Summer doesn't give up easily!

  7. Haha I am always reminded of lumberjacks when I wear plaid too!

  8. You got some adorable shots of yourself in this winsome ensemble.
    The new hair color really suits you, I ♥ it, you should wear more pink!
    Can't wait to see what you wear to The Fair tomorrow!!
    xo ♥ mum

  9. Love the plaid with the boots (which are fab by the way!), and your hair colour looks so lovely! It must have been a surprise to see it come out so much darker!

  10. I saw your comment on my Instagram… and yes, it's almost like we bought the same shade and brand! My hair was so dark, and I was a little upset because I didn't want dark hair. I'm getting used to it, though. Yours looks great on you! 😀

  11. Thanks! I don't have much pink.

  12. Thanks! It was a surprise but I'm calling it a happy accident!

  13. I was very shocked when I saw how dark mine was. I think yours looks great too!

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