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What I Wore on a Rainy Autumn Day

I finally found the kind of skirt I have been looking for. Something with a high waist, but not so short I am afraid to bend over. 
I found it at a thrift store along with everything else in this outfit, which I wore to go to even more thrift stores. I’m losing my desire to ever shop anyplace else.

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  1. I LOVE the skirt! I would love a similar one. Looking gorgeous as always!

  2. I love this look!!! I have a similar navy blue skirt but I have no tops to wear with it because most of my tops are black… the wrap top works though! The brown boots too! Very vintage feeling.

  3. Fall rainy days are the best. And this is so stylish and cozy comfy at the same time. Thrift stores are pretty much my go to place, that's for sure

  4. Ah, such a cute outfit you are wearing here and that umbrella is perfection!


  5. Dazzling photos! Love the whole look with the umbrella. These photos look like they'd be in a glossy magazine.

  6. Thanks! I am really hoping to find more like it.

  7. Thrift stores are the best!

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