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What I Wore While Exploring the City

On my exploring the city post, I mention how we stumbled upon this little area next to a creek. Since I happened to be wearing a dress, I thought it would make a neat place for outfit pictures!
(Ignore my frizzy hair, it was very humid!)

 Outfit Details
Dress: Target
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Some obscure website that sells Coelacanth stuff

Nothing too exciting to say about this outfit, my favorite style of dress paired with my trusty belt that I seem to wear with nearly every outfit. I’d love to find other colors/styles of belts like this, but never see them anywhere. Maybe I should start wearing normal belts and just wrap them around a few times. 

0 thoughts on “What I Wore While Exploring the City

  1. i love belts with dresses, too. i find a lot of really great ones at thrift stores for about a dollar each. they're kind of older, (not from the last couple of years) but most are just plain old classic belts.
    very good pictures. summer time, creeks and pretty dresses sounds so delightful right now.

  2. Looking good! It seems to be a very confy outfit!

  3. Lovely silhouette, and I like the dark blue dress with your long blonde hair ~ Plus your fishy necklace is excellent.

  4. Nice dress. I think the fish is a great addition.

  5. Wonderful photos 😉 This dress is so cute!
    And fish necklace is adorable! Fantastic comfy look :*

  6. Thanks! That's a good idea to keep an eye out for belts at the thrift store!

  7. Thanks! I love my silly fish necklace!

  8. Love your dress! You look just lovely and I love that fish necklace!

  9. Terrific outfit! ♥ the stars & the fish + Your hair looks really cute in all these photos, makes me nostalgic for that pretty blonde!

  10. Thanks! I'm sure my blonde hair will be back again someday!

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